Dakar 2022 : The Forum of responses and major innovations

Tuesday, December 21, 2021
Dakar 2022 : Le Forum des réponses et des grandes innovations

The objective of Senegal and the World Water Council is to organise a more socially, politically and economically effective Forum, a Forum that is a catalyst for action on water and sanitation commitments, a Forum that is connected to the agendas, platforms and commitments related to the SDGs, the Sendai agreement on natural risks and disasters, the Paris climate agreement, Africa's 2063 agenda, etc, and a contextualised, global and grassroots Forum, anchored on the main water challenges of Africa and the world. The Forum is centred on an integrated preparation based on quality, multi-stakeholder exchanges around a limited number of priorities integrating the previous tools of the processes: thematic, political, regional, citizen. Thus, citizens will be at the heart of the Forum.

Designed to be a "Forum of Responses", Dakar 2022 will address global issues for mankind and nature, today and tomorrow. The ambition is to accelerate the effective implementation of the World Water Agenda, which is a prerequisite for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in Africa, a continent where water is vital for human development.

The World Water Forum will have to strengthen actions in Africa and in the world, for universal access to water and sanitation in view of the weak and fragile progress, the increasing pressures linked to the climate challenge, the galloping demography, the uncontrolled urbanisation, the pollution, etc. In a word, it is about fighting poverty and giving hope to those hundreds of millions of people deprived of the basics, particularly in Africa, Asia and Latin America.